These galleries feature a selection of images from my portfolio, mostly including shots that have been captured near my home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and nearby New Orleans as well as some from more remote locales. Overall, I'm drawn to landscape and cityscape photography, which upon first consideration may seem counter-intuitive. Through landscape photography, I feel that I am essentially interpreting the power, beauty and meaning inherent in nature in order to evoke thought and emotion in the viewer. Furthermore, I believe that well captured and presented landscape images can help us to better understand and appreciate our shared world, as well as inspire us to help preserve it. And it is in discovering and creating images that make possible a deeper connection with the power, poetry and divinity found in nature that drives me to continue to try to achieve the utmost in my art – and to keep perfecting my vision and technique. In cityscape photography, on the other hand, while we see much of man’s character writ large and reflected, I believe that for those of us who look closely, we can also see echoed back to us many of the important themes in nature. Moreover, it can be useful and instructive to juxtapose the two types of photography, land and cityscape (both within an image and between images), to glean what lessons there are to be learned.

Even the most casual viewer of these photographs will notice that I display mostly black and white images. While I do enjoy and appreciate vibrant and bold color photography, I find that I tend to favor black and white imagery. In the black and white medium, images are simplified to form, texture, volume, highlight and shadow (tone). Removing the color from the image causes one to see and relate to it in a different way than before. Using monochrome essentially abstracts the image; without the usual color references, details that one might never have perceived suddenly swim to the surface, and one is compelled to stop and re-examine (reinterpret) the image. I find this aesthetic deeply appealing both emotionally and intellectually.

I welcome feedback, critiques and discussion. Thank you for your interest.